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“I never saw anyone fight and land a fish the way Justin did” ( After seeing Justin hooked and landed 4 monster Skamania Steelhead in a few hours, Jerald booked a full day trip the following week.)

Jerald Ingram
Running Back Coach - New York Giants

“Thanks buddy for introducing me to fly fishing/steelheading.” I hooked a fish earlier but wasn’t able to land it, with Justin’s help and guidance I was able to land this monster Skamania after a tough and brutal ten minute fight.

Dustin Krast

My name is John, I'm from Mishawaka Indiana. I've liked fishing for Salmon and Steel-head for about 5 years now. I mainly fish in the Saint Joseph River. I met Justin about a year ago. Out of all the days I've went to Trail creek I've never seen anyone, and I mean no-one catch as many fish as Justin. Nobody will be catching a thing and Justin comes down there and 5 minutes later you hear FISH ON!!!! Everyone just turns there heads and just watches him pull in fish. I think this guy really knows his stuff, so I would tell anyone who is interested in salmon and steelhead that has never caught one to book with this guy because I guarantee you will be yelling fish on!

Thank you,
John T. Warren

I have been fishing Trail Creek for about 25 years and I thought I knew every place that fish hold up in, then I went fishing with Justin. He found fish that I couldn't find. If it were not for Justin I would have never hooked up with 3 KINGS! It was a pleasure fishing with Justin that day. I would recommend using Justin for a guide if you want to catch Kings, Coho and Steelheads.

Gerardo Nigro
" Thanks Justin it was lots of fun!"

July 31, 2008 Dear Fly Fisherman,

Just about a week ago my brother Von and I traveled to Michigan City, Indiana to fly fish and spin fish the Trail Creek for steelhead. The first afternoon we searched for good places to fish and then went to Bass Pro to buy lures and flies, etc. We spent way too much for spinning lures and accessories but met Vern at the Fly Shop who was very helpful. He mentioned Justin to us as a very successful steelhead fisherman and guide and told us to look our for him. Vern also suggested several flies which had been successful with steelhead which we bought.

The first day and a half we mostly fished with spinning outfits and lost a number of expensive lures to no avail. The second evening of fishing we met Justin. Justin is a humble but self assured individual who was quick to encourage us to try our fly outfits. Actually, he put on a class for us on the ways to catch steelhead with a fly rod. Within a short time he had caught a 6 pound steelhead when no one else was catching any. The next night Von hooked a good size steelhead which I saw surface right in front of me but somehow broke the line. Over the next three days we fished with Justin a number of times and he was always teaching and showing us the best places to fish but never thought of charging us. Justin gave us many important lessons which will help us in any of our fishing endeavors, especially roll casting. We both got pretty good at it after several days.

While we didn’t catch a steelhead during this trip (I never saw anyone else catch a steelhead on a fly rod except Justin), we are well prepared, thanks to Justin, for our next visit which will be during a steelhead run (there were very few steelhead in the creek while we were there). I would highly recommend Justin to anyone who wants to learn how to catch steelhead on Trail Creek and wants to become a better fly fisherman. We plan to schedule an official day of guiding with Justin on our next visit to Trail Creek and very much look forward to fishing with Justin again!!

Ronald (Ron) G. Blankenbaker, M.D.
Associate Dean Emeritus
College of Medicine
University of Tennessee
Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I think I will start calling you the fish whisperer."

Best Regards, Von Blankenbaker

My thanks to Justin for his help in landing my very first steelhead!! Justin has given me valuable information that helped me to catch this fish. He helped me with rigging, bait, where and how to fish and land these great fish. He knows these waters better than anyone else I know and if there are fish to catch he will help you get them.

Thanks Justin

Cliff Elliot
Calumet City, IL


It was my wife's birthday in August 2008... She loves to fish, so her gift was a new rod and reel. With gear in hand we headed to Trail Creek, a fishing hole filled with Steelhead. There was a smattering of people, and no one was catching anything. Suddenly, "FISH ON!" broke the silence. This guy, only 30 feet from us hooked and landed a huge "Steelie". It was amazing to watch him with such finesse, play and land such a beautiful, huge fish. It motivated us to fish harder... we knew for sure the fish were there. Still, no one else was catching anything, including my wife and I. A little while passed, and then another echo of "FISH ON!" rippled across Trail Creek. After further investigation, we found it was the same guy. With two Steelhead hooked and no one else catching anything, this guy kept fishing. And, you guessed it... this guy landed his third fish shortly after. Three fish within an hour, and no one else got even one. Who was this guy? It was Justin of Trail Creek Guide Service.

I had to know the secret. My wife and I approached Justin with her new gear in hand, and began inquiring. We learned he was a professional fishing guide and an instructor. We watched him fish a little while we had a great conversation. He learned it was my wife's birthday and gave her his biggest catch of the day. It may sound funny, but that was a wonderful gift and we had an awesome fish dinner. Not only were the three Steelhead hooked... we were hooked, too.

I began hitting the creek hard. A year had passed, and I had hooked, but was never able to land the coveted Steelhead fish. After seeing Justin make it look so easy, I became frustrated. I knew the area where they were holding; I had the right bait, but could not 'seal the deal'. My wife's birthday in 2009 was coming around, and I knew exactly what to do. I took out and dusted off that business card from Trail Creek Outfitters and called Justin. I knew if anyone could help us land a "Steelie", he was the man for the job.

So, there we were for my wife's birthday, out on the creek at the crack of dawn. It was awesome! Justin was patient with us even through our numerous snags. He taught us the importance of scouting holes, technique, drift, bait presentations, and having the right gear for the job. We finally learned how to catch and land a monster Steelhead. By 8 a.m. we had two Steelhead on the stringer: a monster 13 pounder and an 8. My wife had commemorated her birthday enjoying the great outdoors, and we finally landed the highly sought-after Steelhead Trout. Nothing can describe the feeling of having a 13 pound fish breaking the surface of the water repeatedly on the end of an 8 pound test line. Thanks to Justin, we have a memory (not to mention the photos) that will last a lifetime. After we were done fishing, Justin treated us to a great lunch where we enjoyed getting to know each other better and swapped fish stories.

I highly recommend Justin at Trail Creek Guide Service if you're looking for that big catch and a fun day. The tips, tricks, secrets and lessons learned are well worth every dime, and will help you improve upon your talent in this sport for years to come. On Trail Creek, consider no one else!

Aaron Kirk
Michigan City, IN

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