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Drift/Float Fishing/Centerpin

Centerpinning is a very unique fishing method. This technique has become quite popular, despite the fact it has been around for nearly 200 years. It is a method of float fishing that uses a long rod and a drag-free reel. The free running spool gives you a greater natural drift for a longer distance and requires rigging with a few small split shots underneath a float bobber. It is one of the most difficult techniques in all of fishing. This method can also be use with a spinning reel/rod set up. The natural drift of the float is essential in hooking the fish.

Spin Fishing

Another effective fishing method by using a spinner or spoon lure on a spinning reel and rod setup. It works best in the beginning of a run when fresh, aggressive fish are in. We recommend changing a variety of different colors of lures for higher success.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing was first used for trout fishing. A common method that is quite difficult to master. This method is used by many for panfish, bass, and a variety of other species. It consists of using a fly floating line or sinking tip line with a 8-10 leader (depending on the depth of the water) and a tippet which the flies are attached to. Similar to Spin Fishing, it is recommended to use a variety of colors or flies for the best result.

Fly fishing has become quite popular in the United States in the past hundred years, however some scholars believe the history of the sport goes back as far as the 2nd century. The Roman historian Claudius Aelianus may have been the first to record Macedonians using fake flies made from wool and feathers to catch fish. It was in England and Scotland where the modern sport begin to take shape. Then, in the 1800s the sport began to spread in America as anglers in the Catskill Mountains began using the technique.

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